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Cleaning Information

Venetian blinds are still one the most popular style of blind.

Cleaning Information

Painted Shutters and Blinds
Clean with a dust cloth or with a feather duster, which is the most important step in maintaining the finish? Dust collected on the surface of the blades, particularly the exterior, absorbs and holds moisture. You can use a damp cloth or a diluted mild dish wash detergent for harder to move dirt.

Oiled Shutters and Blinds
After dusting, you can apply a rejuvenating wood oil to replenish the rich tones of the timber by applying the oil to the shutters or blinds and then wiping off the excess with a dry cloth.
• Do not use excessive water, a light damp cloth is all that is needed
• Do not use waxes
• Do not use abrasive cleaners, scourers or steel wool
• Do not use alcohol or solvents
• Do not use undue weight or pressure on the blades whilst wiping
Stained wood blinds should be treated periodically with lemon oil or other wood preservative to protect their finish. DO NOT damp clean stained blinds; the water could damage their surface appearance.

Fabric Blinds (Roman, Roller & Panel Glide)
Regular light dusting with a feather duster will suffice in most circumstances. For more thorough dust removal, the fabric may be vacuumed. A hand held vacuum with low suction is recommended. Fabrics can be cleaned by gently blotting with a soft, damp cloth or sponge, using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the fabric.

Aluminium Blinds
Regular cleaning with a feather duster or a soft, clean cloth is usually all that is needed to keep blinds looking new. Blinds may also be cleaned by hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment using low suction. These blinds can be professionally cleaned.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Shades can be ultrasonically cleaned by a professional. If using this service, a mild detergent solution must be specified. The head rail cannot be immersed in the solution and the shades/shadings must be allowed to dry in the completely lowered position. Ultrasonic cleaning IS NOT recommended for wood blinds.


Always clean your Curtains as per Fabric Company care label. If you are unsure, please call our friendly office team.


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