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Roller Blinds

Simple and Sophisticated, Roller Blinds are suitable for a range of applications both domestically and commercially.

Roller Blinds

Simple and Sophisticated, Roller Blinds are suitable for a range of applications both domestically and commercially. Ideal for when you desire a modern streamline blind or need to de-clutter the look of your room. Roller blinds have become increasingly popular in homes where maintaining a view is important or when space is limited, as they roll up and out of the way. Options include Motorised, Linked and Dual. Available in an extensive range of designer fabrics and colours.

The blinds are complimented with an aluminium base bar in a colour to match the fabric or a more traditional trim if required. Don’t like the look of the exposed Roller at the top? Think they look too plain? Why not add a complimenting Pelmet or Aluminium Fascia.


  • Manual or Motorised operation
  • Extensive range of fabric styles & colours
  • Aluminium Base Rail or Pocket finish
  • Simple to use
  • Easy maintenance

Up to 5 year warranty



When considering this type of blinds for your windows the following points should be noted.

For optimal operation on a manual Roller Blind a ratio of 1:2.5 is recommended.

SIZE LIMITSMinimumMaximum
Blind Width Screen300mm3200mm
Blind Width Translucent300mm3000mm
Blind Width Blockout 300mm3000mm
Blind Length (manual)200mm3500mm
Blind Length (motorised)200mm6000mm


FabricsSunscreen/Sheer – Which allow you to see out of during the daytime whilst maintaining your privacy and protecting your home from the suns damaging UV rays. These fabrics are ideal for kitchens or living areas.
Translucent – Allow light to pass through the fabric whilst maintaining your privacy both day and night. These fabrics are ideal for Living, Dining or Study areas.

Blockout – Which as the name suggests stops light from passing through the fabric. These fabrics are used predominantly in bedrooms or windows exposed to extreme sunlight.

Motorised – Control all the blinds in your home at the touch of a button. Motorised blinds are the perfect solution for large expanses of glass such as Bi-fold doors. Motorising is also suitable for those extra long blinds that can be very heavy. Also available with linked, dual and blackout systems.

Linked – Linking blinds is a great way to minimize the amount of chains you have or for those hard to get at areas, enhancing the overall look of the room. Link up to three blinds using one chain or motor.

Dual – Dual Roller blinds combine both Sunscreen & Blockout fabrics for superior privacy and heat protection. Leave the Sunscreen fabric down all the time to protect from UV damage and to insulate, then use the Blockout blind at night for Privacy and added insulation on those hot days or cold nights.

Blackout – Absol also offer a Blackout Roller blind system for areas such as Bedrooms, Home Theatres & Boardrooms. Incorporating side channels and head box in Dulux Powder coat finish. This option is the preference for shift workers.