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Folding Arm Awnings

– Folding Arm Awnings are designed for sun protection and can be easily retracted when not in use

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings  – Folding Arm Awnings are designed for sun protection and can be easily retracted when not in use. Full cassette. This allows the fabric to be fully protected when rolled in. The semi-cassette, which provides the same protection when the awning is rolled in but without the fabric or components fully covered and the open style
Special brackets allow the awning to be mounted under your existing gutter or under your eaves.
Fascia/Rafter brackets allow awnings to be fitted in the best possible position. With options including tilt control and roll down valances you can protect yourself from the harsh sun…
• Energy Efficient
• Wind rated up to 6 on the Beaufort scale
• Wide range of fabric colours available
• Dulux Powder-coating
• Long lasting
• Easy maintenance
• Good shade and shelter from the elements

When considering the type of blinds for your windows the following points should be noted.

SIZE LIMITSMinimumMaximum
Width (manual)2500mm5000mm*
Width (motorised)2500mm8000mm
Projection (manual)1500mm3500mm*
Projection (motorised)1500mm4500mm
* Consideration needs to be given to the overall weight of the blind. Manual Folding arm awnings are easy to wind out due to the angle, but can be quite heavy to wind back in.


Somfy motorisation. Radio control or intergrate with your smart home system.
– Mesh
– Acrylic
– Choice of valance or no valance

Roll down Valance to front of awning, this is especially suited to west facing areas where the hot sun can come in underneath the awning.

Motion sensors can be hidden away in the front bar of your motorized awning. Once the wind blows and the awning starts to move around, the sensor is activated and the awning will automatically close.

Wind sensors can be fitted near your awning and will activate when they get 2 continuous seconds of wind at the speed specified by the sensor. The Awning will then automatically close.

Did you know that you could replace the fabric on your existing Folding arm awnings? Absol Re-skin most styles of external awnings and blinds. If your awning fabric has been damage or you just want to update your colour scheme, we can replace it for you.