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Auto Awnings

The most traditional style of ABSOL Awnings the Auto runs on tracks attached to the wall.

Auto Awnings

The most traditional style of ABSOL Awnings the Auto runs on tracks attached to the wall. This allows the Awning to stay at a pre-determined distance from you window. To operate simply pull the Awning straight down and once released the arms lock into place. If the Awning is unintentionally left out in a storm or high wind the Awning should move itself up the rails and retract, hence the name auto-lock arm. Most Auto Awnings come with a head-box to protect the fabric when it is retracted.

• Energy efficient
• External applications
• Wide range of fabric colours available
• Long lasting
• Easy maintenance
Good shade and shelter

When considering this type of Awning for your windows the following points should be noted.

SIZE LIMITSMinimumMaximum
Width 800mm4000mm*
Arm Length 150mm600mm
* Consideration needs to be given to the Length and overall weight of the awning.


  • Choice of valance or no valance
  • Custom powder-coating optional
  • Choose an arm length to suit 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm


Mesh – The most popular fabric for this style of External Blind our 2 X 2 Weave Mesh fabric come in width widths to minimize the amount of joins in the fabric. Mesh fabrics allow you to maintain your view whilst protecting you from heat and glare. Made from a combination of Polyester and PVC they are hardwearing and easy to clean. Darker colours will give you a better view whist reducing the glare and the lighter colours will reflect more heat.

Acrylic – ABSOL’s Range of Acrylic fabrics offer superior UV protection and have excellent resistance to stretching and tearing. The fabric of choice for Folding Arm Awnings, Acrylic is used to maximize heat reduction and maintain your privacy. Acrylic fabrics are also water resistant and come with a 5 to 10 year warranty.

Canvas – Once the most popular choice for awnings, canvas has now taken a back seat. It is mostly used on west facing windows or traditional style homes where clients want to match their existing Awnings.